Project details

Global portal application for corporate payments

Multibank-capable Web application for German and international corporate clients on the basis of the Electronic Banking Internet Communication Standard (EBICS) for settlement of payments and the retrieval of account information.

In addition to manual entry, orders can also be uploaded via file and signed EBICS compliant by electronic signature. For this, a signature stick (USB) with a pre-installed Web browser is provided to the customer together with a smart card. Using the so-called Distributed Electronic Signature orders can be authorized anywhere, anytime by several users (even across different customers). The multibank capability also allows management of third-party bank accesses via EBICS in a single application.

The application is offered in Germany and 17 foreign locations in 12 languages.

The application has been awarded with the "Technology Innovation Award - Best Solution Innovation" in 2014 by TMI.


Agile approach with iterative implementation based on user stories. At first, features of the legacy application have been implemented to enable migration of existing customers. Then, further expansion of country-specific services in several stages for countries in the SEPA (Euro and non-Euro) as well as non-SEPA area (Asia, US and Russia).

Responsibilities and achievements

  • Consultancy for the introduction of an agile project approach with Scrum and set-up of the project organization
  • Acting as a product owner to support the business department
  • Development of product visions, creation of user stories, management of the product backlog, release planning
  • Team leader for requirements management and acceptance testing
  • Creation of various technical specifications, including definition of a meta format for the processing of local payment formats via ISO 20022 and replacement of SWIFT MT940/942 by ISO XML CAMT account statements
  • Data migration concept for replacement of the legacy application
  • Description of requirements for the integration of foreign units (SEPA-EUR, SEPA Non-EUR and Non-SEPA countries)
  • Specification of a "Two Factor Authentication" for corporate clients in Singapore
  • Assistance in preparation and implementation of user acceptance tests
  • Preparation of customer communication and system documentation

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