My range of services

Business Analysis

In my role as a business analyst, I act as an intermediary between business and IT implementation, between management and project. A main responsibility of mine is to collect and manage customer requirements as well as the analysis of business processes.

My range of services includes:

  • Requirements engineering and management
  • Creation of preliminary studies and concepts
  • Development of target architectures
  • Business process modeling
  • Creating functional data models
  • Analysis of interfaces

My industry focus is on payments and core banking and covers the topics:

  • Cash-in
  • Electronic banking, e.g. EBICS and SWIFT
  • Multibank-capable portal applications
  • Mobile banking
  • Clearing and interbank business
  • Standards such as ISO 20022 XML and SWIFT CGI MP
  • Core Banking, particularly Current Accounts (SAP for Banking/SAP Deposits Management, Mainframe Applications)

Project Management

Customers tend to change their requirements more frequently and more rapidly. The complexity of the project and its goals increases. Therefore the demand for agile project management methods such as Scrum is rising.

I offer the following project management services:

  • Management of projects and sub-projects, both classic and agile
  • Project support and optimisation of your PM methodology
  • Further development of your processes and tools
  • Coaching and supporting individual project staff

Support in Software Development

In addition to the requirement analysis a good business analyst must also master the other disciplines of software development. Besides methodology and professional know-how technical knowledge is a key factor for success, especially in times of increasing digitalization.

Besides the creation of business concepts I accompany and support you also in in the implementation of your IT project:

  • Creation of IT concepts
  • Selection of standard software
  • Professional support of application developers
  • Development of test concepts, creation of test cases and data, test execution
  • Migration concepts
  • System and user documentation, conduction of training