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New payments architecture: Central order reception for payments

The central order reception receives all payment messages from customers, banks, clearing systems and in-house applications and makes them available to other systems within and outside the payments landscape. During the processing technical as well as business checks and conversions are performed to ultimately distribute the messages to specific processing lines. After processing in the order reception or the connected backend systems payment status reports are returned to the original submitter.

In addition, an integrated but independently runnable component is provided as a separate module for payments master data. It is used to store customer agreements and reference data for processing messages in the central order reception itself as well as other payments applications in the future.

The central order reception has a modular design, the processing of messages is highly configurable. As an integration layer for acceptance and delivery of payments and protocols it is placed outside the actual payments processing.


Release related requirements definition, iterative and incremental approach in the implementation. Gradual rollout with multiple releases to replace the affected legacy systems and successive connection of various payment processing lines.

Responsibilities and achievements

  • Conducted requirements workshops involving business and IT subject matter experts and external supplier
  • Determined the functional application design from the ground up, liaised with solution architects to validate requirements against the given payments reference architecture
  • Planned documentation artefacts for each release respecting my client’s project management framework
  • Documented current and future state solutions, created use cases and data mappings for the processing of standing orders, ISO20022 XML, SWIFT and instant payments, developed UI concepts, achieved sign-off
  • Visualized sequence, activity and state diagrams by utilizing PlantUML
  • Analysed relevant interfaces and peripheral systems, defined API and service descriptions for connecting the customer input channels and the processing backend systems
  • Developed a data migration and transition concept to remediate the affected legacy applications
  • Reviewed test plans and test cases to ensure test coverage

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