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Instant payments

Instant Payments is a payment service solution that is to be made available 24 hours a day, throughout the EU. The payment is credited to the beneficiary's account and its execution confirmed to the ordering party within seconds.

The project intends to accept and forward such instant payments via the central order reception, linking the communication channels to the customer and the back end processing systems with regard to the payments target architecture. For this purpose, XML message formats are defined based on the EPC scheme enabling the retail customer portal as well as the mobile banking app to synchronously validate and submit such payments. After performing technical and functional checks, the message is finally forwarded to the IP platform for processing.


Detailed specifications for the processing of instant payments in the customer's central order reception as a future release enhancement.

Responsibilities and achievements

  • Requirements analysis
  • Creation of detailed specifications in the form of use case descriptions
  • Definition of technical and functional checks
  • Analysis of relevant interfaces and peripheral systems, creation of interface and service descriptions for the synchronous connection of customer front ends as well as the IP platform

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